Robby, a veteran of both the recovery and music industry, has found success in disrupting industries as a means of improving them. His introduction to the behavioral healthcare space was through an electronic medical records software startup named KIPU. Robby joined the team as they were bringing the software to market. He was extremely instrumental in the development, launch, and growth of KIPU becoming the industry standard EMR for addiction treatment centers. KIPU currently has over 1,600 addiction treatment facilities running its software.
Armed with the knowledge of rehabilitation practices and noticing the need for more detox centers in the Los Angeles area, he founded Malibu Detox in 2015. After seeing clients go in and out and come back again, he realized there was a tremendous need for quality long term residential care.
“The facilities did not care about the clients success and wellness and the insurance companies setup the system for failure, meaning repeat clients were extremely profitable. There was no financial incentive or motivation for success. The success rate for clients to stay clean and sober for one year out of treatment is anywhere between 4-6%. That is unacceptable for any business, especially healthcare. I wondered 'how can I fix this and disrupt an industry?' Treatment was ripe for a change and it was personal because of my own struggles with addiction. I just felt like it was best of both worlds: a personal passion and something that needed to be done.”
He didn't stop at just creating a space in the area for residential treatment, but extended that into how treatment was administered.
“People are learning faster... It's not as simple anymore to just say it’s a disease. The environmental factors play an enormous role.”
“For today's generation, I believe it’s a mental health epidemic. The opioid epidemic is just the tip of the iceberg. Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, OCD, etc. ... drugs help solve these problems for a while, they are a band aid. We need to deal with the real underlying issues to have successful outcomes.”
Prioritizing individualized treatment paths, Robby looks at success as going beyond just whether or not clients stay sober.
“How is the job going? How are your bills? How are the family, friends, and support relationships? There are a million data points we can look at...Outcomes is the most important thing.”
Taking what he's learned throughout his life, from his own experience with formal education to his work in multiple industries, Robby's vision is to alter the course and find a better way.
“Unless I’m disrupting, I’m bored. The goal is to spread this so we can impact more than the clients at the facility that are inside our four walls. There's multiple ways to do that, especially with the utilization of technology. The goal is to positively impact people's lives to the largest scale possible.”

Dr. White

Clinical Director

Dr. Danielle is a passionate and dedicated Clinical Psychologist (PSY 21053) with more than 20 years of experience working in the fields of mental health and addiction.  Dr. Danielle has extensive experience serving in administrative and supervisory roles as well as experience serving in hospital, community mental health, and private practice settings.  She has advanced training and experience in the provision of evidence-based modalities including CBT, DBT, ACT, EMDR, and mindfulness, as well as experiential therapies including psychodrama and lifespan integration therapy.  Her clinical philosophy strives to integrate Eastern and Indigenous holistic philosophy and practices with the cutting edge, evidence based practices of Western psychology.

Dr. Danielle earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2003 with a specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology. She also completed an APA-accredited internship in Clinical Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC.  She has long been interested in the neuroscience of trauma, attachment, and addiction and applies this understanding to program development and the provision of trauma-informed care.



Medical Director

Armed with an Bachelor's of Science from Boston University's School of Medicine and a Doctorate from Ohio University's College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Benya has been practicing medicine for over 20 years with a focus on addiction and mental health.
Implementing natural, holistic remedies as well as staying abreast of the latest treatment modalities at 90265 Medical Group, Dr. Benya offers advanced, innovative strategies for combating drug addiction and alcoholism.
Benya, a licensed Osteopathic Physician in the state of California, is board-certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Lipshitz

Lead Physician

Dr. Lipshitz is an Addiction Medicine specialist. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he moved to the United States at a young age and has been an American citizen since 1985. Although his country of birth has had a profound impact on his values of social justice, he has found that the United States shares those ideals of liberty and equality.
Dr. Lipshitz attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for a Bachelor's of Science in Biology before attending the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee for his Medical Doctorate. After four cold winters in Wisconsin, he moved to the more appealing climate of Northern California where he continued his medical training and completed a residency in Family Medicine at University of California, San Francisco.
He ran a solo, private practice in Sausalito, CA, where he was the "town doc" for a variety of family demographics, from the affluent to the under-served population in neighboring Marin City, where he helped the community establish their own Federally Qualified Health Center. Eventually, Dr. Lipshitz relocated to Southern California to be closer to family.
Always looking for new challenges professionally, he became Board Certified working in the field of Addiction Medicine. He has never stopped seeing patients through primary care eyes and still has a "town doc" heart which lends itself well to the specialized field of Addiction Medicine and the complex physical and social issues often encountered therein.



A recipient of Bachelor's of Science and Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State University, Dr. Apostle has a unique combination of specialties common to less than a dozen doctors in the United States.
He completed a residency in Psychiatry at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center before a second residency at UCLA in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the latter of which he served as Chief Resident. 
An active member of the North American Spine Society and the Spine Intervention Society, Dr. Apostle has been a leading researcher in clinical trials in CNS and Pain indications. He has participated in over 40 pharmaceutical sponsored trials as a Principle Investigator and Sub-Investigator. He has been a board member of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), the leading trade organization for Clinical Research Sites, since its inception in 2012.
Dr. Apostle has worked in protocol development for various pharmaceutical companies and was heavily involved in the CLEAR Project for Contract Execution where he interfaced with project managers and attorneys from over 20 pharmaceutical companies.
Dr. Apostle has extensive experience working with contract research organizations (CRO’s) including in the Study Dashboard Project, which developed a study dashboard card for pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s to provide to sites during clinical trial administration.
He has dedicated his practice to the treatment of patients with spinal disorders, pain, depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders.


Executive Director

Jordana, who has several years experience working professionally and personally in the mental health and substance abuse and addiction field, serves as Malibu Detox's Program Director. Armed with an Master's of Business Administration degree from George Fox University, she has worked with a variety of patients of a variety of ages and with multiple co-occurring disorders.
Jordana has an intense love for recovery, family and friends she has made on her own path to recovery. Her passion and compassion comes through in the way she will go to any length for her friends and family, something she brings to Malibu Detox, where she will do the same for clients and staff, regardless of what they're dealing with, addiction-related or otherwise.
Jordana sees clients not as just as the label society places on addicts, but as people with a multitude of aspects to their character. She loves to get to know the patients and harnesses her welcoming personality into making them feel like they have a friend before they walk through the door of the facility.
“We value our patients; they're not just 'in recovery'; they're humans with emotions, feelings and opinions that we try to work with, as opposed to just dismissing them as sick. We celebrate our clients and staff not just a number. It's individualized care; not one shoe fits all.”
Having worked at other treatment facilities, Jordana is well aware of what types of programs work and which ones do not.
"A lot of treatment centers work in one way, cookie cutter. Malibu Detox never kicks out a patient unless there's a successful discharge plan, whether their insurance runs out or not. A lot of treatment centers are profit margin-based, but our CEO doesn't kick them out. That's a big deal and shows we truly value our patients."
Jordana stresses the importance of building a community and is part of a large recovery family.
“I don't see this as a job, but a way of life. Malibu Detox is authentic with staff and clients. The way we don't work as a corporation, authentically and compassionately, and value each other's strengths helps build community, and recovery is all about community.”

Rod M


Rod has been with Malibu Detox long term, starting as a technician and working his way up to his role as VP of Operations.
“The universe and God got me here. When I got here I was just a sober tech with a history in construction and sales. I have a PhD in alcoholism and drug addiction, in running the streets, all that madness. My plan was just to work in treatment while I went to school. The universe had something else in its plan for me.”
His passion for recovery and what it did for him inspired him to give back.
“At one point I didn't believe I would get sober, but when I saw how it was outlined in the (Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous) and had my own experiences with the principles and everything came alive, it changed my life.
I knew I wanted to help others find that, get freedom from our addiction; the hopelessness, the self-hatred, never thinking you were good enough, that you deserved anything.”
His vision aligns with Malibu Detox's individualized care programming, valuing meeting the clients wherever they are.
“We support them in their recovery, whether it's AA, NA, Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, religion, whatever recovery path there is. I know this place is different in that the staff cares and loves the clients, that they bend over backward to get them into recovery.
It's a privilege. I don't feel like I'm going to work, I feel like I'm going to visit family.”


Lead Clinician

A native of Santa Monica, Patrick has a Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in Psychology and a Master's of Science with Distinction in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy from Cal State University, Northridge.
“I enjoy helping people. I have struggled with my own issues as a child, with a family history of substance abuse. I wanted to help people when I saw my family struggling and I had my own experience with therapy and saw it was something I could do. I'm also interested in philosophy, psychology and spirituality.”
A Licensed Therapist, he has studied a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including solution-oriented, narrative, family systems, mindfulness, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral, and trauma-focused therapies. Prior to joining Malibu Detox as the Primary Therapist/Lead Clinician Patrick was the Program Coordinator for Project Fatherhood and worked for Strength United, a family preservation organization that does in-home outreach counseling.
“It's a passion, it gives me a purpose and brings meaning to my life. It's a collaborative process: while I help clients learn and grow, I learn and grow myself.
The best part is seeing the growth, when they cultivate insight, that 'A-ha' moment. When they feel this sense of relief, when they have a sense of hope again it goes a long way.”
Patrick is passionate about working with people suffering from addiction and also helping dual-diagnosed clients on their path to recovery. He uses a collaborative and strength-based approach to guide clients to create meaningful and fulfilling lives by utilizing aspects of solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness.
“Malibu Detox has a family atmosphere. It's eclectic because we all have something to offer. No one is necessarily Big Book thumpers; we all have our niche and come together. We just honestly, truly care. We do that by trying to be our authentic selves, open and kind.”

Katie J


Originally from Minnesota, Katherine has many years of both professional and personal experience in recovery. Katherine graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS In Rehabilitation Services from California State University, Los Angeles where she continued her graduate studies, receiving an MS with Distinction in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Counseling. Katherine is currently an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and certified School Counselor and is working toward licensure.

“I’ve always been interested in trying to figure out why people are the way they are, what makes them tick, and how I can help. I’ve gone through my own struggles over the years so I come from a place of understanding and compassion; it’s gratifying being able to give back, be of service, and help others during some of their most challenging times.”

Katherine has studied and put into practice multiple therapeutic approaches, including narrative, cognitive-behavioral, solution-oriented, and family systems. Prior to coming to Malibu Detox, Katherine worked in county-funded residential treatment facilities as well as with children in the school setting, and has experience working with individuals, couples, and families. About her experience working at Malibu Detox, Katherine states, “I love the culture and energy here; it’s very supportive and familial which fosters a safe and supportive environment for the clients. The dual-diagnosis and collaborative services we provide are all vital in helping guide our clients toward achieving long-term success”.


Case Manager

MK brings experience working in treatment to Malibu Detox. She appreciates the atmosphere and style of recovery available.
“The clients have freedom to choose what program works best for them; AA, Smart Recovery, etc. Everyone (on the staff) seems invested through their own recovery to help others get sober and stay sober long term.
It's very different here; I worked at state-funded facility before, where there were a lot of clients. The staff each had to deal with a lot of clients and here there's more time for one-on-one, individualized treatment.”
MK believes there's a lot to be gained by, “being able to connect with clients on a deep level, to help them identify problem areas in their lives and help them find healthy ways to cope with those things so they can stay sober.”

Sylvia S

Director Of Nursing

A Registered Nurse, Sylvia is a veteran of a number of treatment facilities and has noticed the difference between Malibu Detox and others.
“We accommodate the client's needs individually. We take the time to get to know our clients. Our number one commitment is to patient safety.”
Sylvia feels like it's a family at Malibu Detox, a place where everyone fits in.
People feel a, “sense of healing and belonging. I gain satisfaction in knowing that I am part of a strong and caring team that aims to improve people’s lives through therapy, counseling and symptom management.”


Anya has been with Malibu Detox long term in a variety of nursing roles.
Previously a Licensed Vocational Nurse for eight years, she has also worked in a variety of medical fields, including helping out in hospitals in New York and Texas throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
She wanted to get involved working in treatment because of personal relationships with people suffering with addiction.
“I figured it would help me cope better and understand better what they're dealing with.”
Anya loves seeing patients staying sober, be it six months later at alumni events or when they come back to visit.
“It's more personal (than other work) because you get to build a relationship with them. Elsewhere half the patients can't even communicate, or it's in and out. Here you get to know them and their struggles.”



Cristian is a Licensed Vocational Nurse.
He enjoys what he sees working at Malibu Detox because it is more family oriented than other treatment facilities, offering more support than is available elsewhere.
“It's the support and the help. Everyone helps each other out, everyone teaches each other.”
Cristian's calling is to, “help people recover, help people change.”
“Malibu Detox is the place to be, the best spot for recovery.”

Kat S


Kat has been working in treatment for years.
“It's a family and there's good quality care here. It's not a number game.”
Working at Malibu Detox aligns with Kat's life goals and brought her and her closer to her family. The experience of seeing clients throughout their stay is what makes coming to work the most enjoyable for her.
“When you can see the light go on for the clients, when they know they can live life without drugs and alcohol, that's what makes this place great.”

Kim M


A graduate of the University of Antelope Valley with 13 years of nursing experience, Kim was inspired by her brother's battle with addiction and alcoholism to join the Malibu Detox team.
“I was always attracted to the field because of my family connection. I always had a heart for those addicted and their families.”
Kim has over a decade of nursing experience. She loves helping people and wants to be, “a source of inspiration and strength for them, a positive influence."
"It's personal. I want to see people win.”


Constantly working in a variety of fields within nursing, Marc has found a lot of joy in working within the recovery field.
“I work in treatment not because I have to but because I want to. It's partly the process, seeing them from beginning to end. If I had someone come into Urgent Care, I'd dress their wound and they go off and I'll never see them again. In treatment, I'm able to see someone come in today for intake and I will see them as they leave once they complete their treatment. The difference is just so monumental. It's so gratifying to see...when they leave they're completely changed.”
Marc's connection to recovery is personal, experiencing a cousin who suffered from alcoholism murdered as a result of addiction. The familial connection that got him interested in the field is one that he feels strongly in the staff at Malibu Detox.
“They're very much about personal relationships. From Jordana to Rod to all the techs, the clients have access to all of them. Everybody is available to the clients. Sometimes, when a company gets too big it becomes very bureaucratic. Even though there's three houses, Jordana and Rod are always available for the clients. They're very much hands-on. It's the spirit of the company. You can tell it's very positive and that's a good foundation for what we have for the clients. Everyone seems to like working together.”

Director of Admissions

Ryan has a background in business development and sales, growing up with a family history in the automobile industry. Regularly one of the first people in contact with the clients, he enjoys the opportunity to be of service.
"I'm reminded of early sobriety, that desperation, that gift of desperation, when they've had enough and are ready to get help. I love to help people formulate an effective plan, talking to their loved ones, and helping the client get onboard with a program of recovery if someone else is calling on their behalf. It’s depositing Karma chips in the spiritual bank. In my previous work, making a sale is a wonderful thing, but when I get someone the treatment they need, it’s exhilarating, a feeling that is hard to describe. I get to go home and rest easy knowing that they are receiving treatment at one of the best programs in the country."
In his early association Ryan traveled around, making connections and learning more about the treatment world.
"It's a very scary what options are available for people seeking treatment. When I came to Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center, after speaking with the staff, I knew it was different. You could tell that these people considered this occupation more of a calling, a life’s passion rather than just a job and that’s why I get such a warm feeling inside when someone gets the opportunity to go. I know they are going to build a strong foundation by addressing core issues through an individualized program to pave the way for long term sobriety."
Ryan, who is in recovery himself, loves working in the treatment field.
"My sponsor says life is really simple, but people complicate it. You have one job, to be of maximum service to other human beings."

Justin D

Collections Manager

Justin has always been defined by drive. A Marine Corps veteran, he began driving clients to Malibu Detox before a proposal for another business venture turned into a position streamlining the facility's collections department.
Justin's previous role also saw him climb the ladder from driving all the way up being the general manager of eight locations across Southern California.
“I like the fact that I get to be a part of a treatment center that actually cares about clients and their well being. I hold a daily goal of being successful so the clients can actually have a place to be where the recovery is Number 1. It's about care: Care for clients, care for each other, care for the common goal.”
From driving to hosting meetings on Friday nights to his current role, Justin, who has long-term sobriety, has found joy in speaking with clients and seeing how far they come.
“I got to see them from as soon as they got off the plane into what they were when they left. Whether it was two weeks or one month, just seeing that light turn on is wonderful.”


Lead Technician

Since he first got to Malibu Detox, Blake didn't want to leave. He has grown in his own recovery and in his position, learning how to best help the clients with a variety of different needs.
Hailing from Chicago, Blake wanted to pass on what he got from recovery to the clients.
“This facility is much better because the staff actually cares, has your best interests at heart. I like seeing people when they first come in and then doing their discharge paperwork and seeing how much they've grown.”
Working at Malibu Detox has countless benefits for Blake.
“I get to lose my ego for a minute, perform some selfless actions and help people.”

Patrick V

Lead Technician

Patrick is a veteran of working in treatment.
“It's a lot more comforting as a staff member. There's an ease of mind and ease of sanity.
The food is great and the administration is very helpful. They help us grow and continue to grow and use our faults as ways to improve as a staff.”
Patrick uses what he has learned from his own sobriety, from his sponsor and peers in AA, to help inform how he works with clients.
“It's not my program but it's a way to share what I've learned. I love being part of the Malibu Detox team, which continues to grow. I love being a part of the growth.”

Brendan G


A military veteran who spent 7.5 years in the armed forces, Branden followed up working in social work with joining Malibu Detox. He moved to the Los Angeles area for school and was looking for a position that aligned with his goal of going to medical school.
“I've worked with troubled young adults and thought I could learn something new coming into a treatment facility.
Addiction affects people from all walks of life, no matter status, how much or little money you have, or any other demographics.”
His intention of learning more has led to knowledge he can pass on to clients.
“Working at Malibu Detox you get a better perspective of what goes on in society and drugs and alcohol and why people use as an outlet for stress. You get a deeper insight into people's thinking and learn about people as a whole.
Whether I teach something large or small, it can be contagious. No matter what you've been through, you can make something of your life.”



Jeremiah has been working in treatment for a while, something that began with his own recovery.
“I had a perspective shift towards self-worth and letting go of the baggage I carried around.”
His experiences inspired him to give back as a technician.
“Working here is an opportunity to be of service; I get to give back what was so freely given to me. We have a really good team, the communication is a lot more open. The programming for clients integrates recovery and spiritual material into the education.”



Previously an overnight technician at another facility Leah also has experience working in sober living.
"I honestly love it. I'm able to actually interact with them more, help them more and build a relationship with them.
I love being able to help people because I was in that position, I know how it is."
Leah believes there's something different about the atmosphere at Malibu Detox. 
"Everyone that works here actually cares, actually wants to see people grow.
I love when I see people I'm helping stay sober and clean and when people can trust me with their problems.”

Paul F


Paul has been working in treatment since shortly after he got sober.
“It's the best I've place I've worked at. There's a good team atmosphere, everyone really takes the recovery part of it seriously but also gives good life advice. It's a double-edged thing; we want to help with clients' mental well-being and want them to leave better than when they came in. We do a really good job of that.
I have recovery outside of here, but I like coming here because I feel like I can relate: I was in their shoes not that long ago.”
The way the staff communicates makes Paul feel cared for in a similar way to what the clients experience.
“Whether it's covering a shift or handling a task at hand, you can't always do it on your own. It comes from other techs like Blake all the way up to Rod and Jordana.”



Rebecca has been working in the treatment field long term. She got into the recovery field by happenstance and fell in love with it.
“It's what everybody here likes about, giving back, and fulfilling the need to know I wasn't alone. I had people in my corner, people who didn't give up on me no matter how crazy I was. It just felt right.”
While she has worked at other treatment facilities, she believes Malibu Detox is the best.
“It's honestly the healthiest work environment I've worked in. Everyone is solely there to help. Rod, Jordana and Robby have installed a therapeutic working environment for staff and and clients. I feel valued and appreciated. It's no comparison, it's the best experience that I've ever had.”
Rebecca says the familial feel of the staff passes onto the clients.
“There's no one here who is in the program that doesn't work a program. They lead their lives by example, which helps the clients: they see how authentic we are and believe they can achieve that themselves.”



Ronelo's own experience has inspired him to give back by working in treatment. Previously serving as a house manager at a sober living house, he knows what early sobriety can be like.
"I love helping new people, especially in really early sobriety. It was hard for me to stay sober originally so I want to make sure I can help give them the motivation to keep going instead of doing it again and again."
Ronelo also enjoys the atmosphere of the facility.
“There's a family energy here. It's diverse but everyone supports each other no matter what's going on in the workspace or outside.
Working at Malibu Detox helps me to not forget where I came from. The environment, the scenic nature of the's secluded, which forces us to concentrate on what we're doing for recovery and not the outside distractions.”
Ronelo's experience at Malibu Detox has shown him the commonality in the disease.
"Everyone comes in for the same reason, no matter what their background is. It's nice to see different faces and different cultures and we're all here for the same reason."

Stephen M

Overnight Technician

Stephen, a veteran of working in treatment, uses what's he has learned in Alcoholics Anonymous to help the clients.
“The last place (I worked) didn't want us talking about the 12 steps, not that I force that upon the clients, but that's all I'm qualified to speak on. Here there's more ability to talk about my personal experience. They allow us to be open and transparent.
I like the altruistic approach. It's 12-step based but also not always. They study everything to help the client find what works best for them.”
When he's not working, Stephen is pursuing a music career, a passion his schedule allows him to explore.
A product of a treatment center himself, he says that recovery afforded him the opportunity to go through the motions and be himself.
“If it can work for me, it can work for you. I had a good family and had everything, but I came from the lowest bottom, homelessness and prison. When I let go and trusted what all of you were saying, it worked. AA introduced me to God, and when I found my own it was freeing.”

Overnight Technician

Tony is a veteran at Malibu Detox and in treatment, working in the field since 2010.
“There's genuine friendships with Rod and Jordana and a sense of comfort and a family feel here. It shows with the clients as well and staff in the way we all get along.
I love the direction the program is headed and the approach of management, which is something I'm always wary about. I'm very trusting of upper management here.”
Tony loves engaging with the clients, especially at the Saturday beach trips.
“It's great to show them what sober life can be. That's amazing to me.”

Rick RF

Fitness Coach

Rick is the founder & CEO of Recoveryfit, LLC. He has a Bachelor’s in International Business and has been an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer since 2006. His inspiration for the Recoveryfit program was born from an overwhelming desire to share the lifesaving benefits that he received from exercise throughout his sobriety.
With over two decades of active recovery and over 15 years of professional work in the fitness industry, Rick knows well the correlation between physical activity and successful progress in recovery. Paired with his expertise from successfully owning and operating his fitness company, Blue Clay Fitness, he is well prepared to infuse his innovative recovery-based fitness program into the treatment industry, including at facilities like Malibu Detox.
After discovering the minimal amount of attention that was placed upon the physical component of recovery in most treatment programs, Rick utilized his experience in developing and implementing safe and effective corporate fitness programs as well as his personal experiences in recovery to develop the groundbreaking program used by Malibu Detox.
Rick says that Malibu Detox team’s commitment to client care and progress is evident in their support of the Recoveryfit program.
Rick heads an experienced team of highly qualified business, addiction, fitness, and technology professionals who share their passion and knowledge to effectively bridge the gap between the equally essential mental, spiritual, and physical components of recovery treatment.

Greg J SS

Spiritual Guru

Greg is the founder of Love Solutions, LLC. His groups feature a unique style of motivational teaching, helping those struggling with drug and alcohol achieve sobriety and remain sober after treatment. He speaks the language of Spiritual Recovery and knows how to connect with those in need of his message. He has over 1,000 hours of coaching, facilitating and speaking. His dynamic energy, which is both captivating and inspiring, transforms lives.
Greg's life experience of his father dying from a drug overdose set him on a path of his own struggles with addiction and alcoholism.
“It was a nine year struggle of pain, bad choices, hopelessness, fear, uncertainty, feeling lost and abandoned and confused. Until I found help.”
Through AA and developing a strong spiritual foundation, he has turned his own life and lives of others around.
Combining compassion, tough love and spiritual guidance, in his Spiritual Design for Successful Sober Living, Greg has a powerful formula for helping those struggling with sobriety to heal and thrive.
“I am here to serve your highest good and help you create an amazing sober life. We (me and God) can help you end the struggle, strife, heartache and heartbreak right now.”

David W

Nutrition Coach

David is the founder of Nutrition in Recovery, a group practice in Los Angeles specializing in substance use disorders, eating disorders, body image, mental health, and general wellness.
David has contributed scientific literature to peer-reviewed journals on his various topics of expertise and is currently working on his PhD in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles. David loves working one-on-one with people who are making important transitions in their lives.
Nutrition in Recovery teaches various ways that nutrition can be used to support mental and behavioral health.


Lead Chef

Filiberto is a veteran of the restaurant industry, where he has worked for 25 years, 20 as a chef. He has worked at French restaurants, at Cheebo, Ate18 and more prior to joining on at Malibu Detox.
“It's my passion, it's a way of living,” he says of cooking. “I notice when people like my food they are quiet, too busy eating. Then, at the end, they give me a big smile.”
He loves the ability to help people by feeding them, as good food can help clients get healthy.
Working in the kitchen in Malibu Detox's MD1 house, he's in an open area where staff and clients can readily talk to him, an atmosphere he appreciates.
“It's a good way to deliver my service. I like when people come to me with something specific. That's what I really like, when I can go one-on-one with people and get them something they really like.”
Filiberto loves to cook seafood and prides himself on the fresh quality food he prepares at Malibu Detox.
“It's not a restaurant but we operate as if. It's good, colorful, flavorful food.”


Taking the first steps towards treatment can be emotionally and mentally draining. At Malibu Detox, we have designed our admissions process to remove the stress commonly associated with exploring and obtaining treatment. With specialists in virtually every discipline, our staff compassionately guides each new client through the necessary steps to facilitate their healing journey.

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