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Robby Stempler
CEO & Founder

Robby Stempler is the founder and CEO of Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center. As the strategic and moral leader of the organization, Robby believes that effective addiction treatment centers around evidence-based therapies that are focused on treating the whole person. His perspective is borne from his years of experience as an executive and thought-leader in the recovery industry, where he observed with dismay the unsatisfactory outcomes of traditional treatment facilities.  “The success rate for clients to stay clean and sober one year out of treatment is between 4 and 6%,” he says. “That is unacceptable for any business, but particularly healthcare.”

The Origins of Whole-Person Treatment

He founded Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center because he saw a better way. The MDRTC model – truly personalized treatment centered around whole-person therapies, coupled with extensive post-treatment planning, aftercare, and network-building – represents a new model in the addiction treatment industry. At his facility, success goes beyond simply whether or not a client stays sober. Whole-life outcomes, including employment, financial stability, relationships with family and friends, and emotional balance are all taken into consideration when programs and modalities are designed. Robby collaborates closely with his clinical and administrative staff to ensure that his exacting standards and high standards of care are met.

An Ambitious Road Ahead

Prior to founding Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center, Robby served as Vice President of the electronic medical records (EMR) software company KIPU. Robby played an instrumental role in the development, launch and growth of KIPU and it was during his tenure with the company that KIPU became the industry standard EMR for addiction treatment centers nationwide, with more than 1,600 facilities running its software.

Robby’s goals for Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center are ambitious. He envisions the unique and effective approach to addiction treatment being modeled at MDRTC ultimately disrupting the addiction treatment industry, in much the same way KIPU disrupted the medical records industry. “Unless I’m disrupting, I’m bored,” Robby says. “The goal is to spread this so we can impact more than the clients inside our four walls. The goal is to impact people’s lives at the largest scale possible.”

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