Innovative Technology Enables Innovative Care

Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center uses the industry’s most respected EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System, developed specifically for the addiction and behavioral health treatment industry. 

KipuEMR allows our clinical staff to provide real time, state-of-the-art, truly individualized treatment on-demand. We’re proud of our technology and our commitment to using forward-thinking, innovative technology. 

Electronic Medical Record

What Are Electronic Medical Records?

What Are Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are digital versions of the conventional paper charts seen in most medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, and other clinical environments including drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. They contain the notes and information that clinicians have created and are used by our staff to track client data over time, monitor critical information, and improve the overall quality of the care we provide.

Why Are Electronic Medical Records Important?

EMRs allow us to provide a higher quality of care to our clients, and are much safer when compared to other kinds of client data management practices. Our use of this technology allows our staff to:

  • Provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about clients on demand
  • Ensure quick and secure access to client records across all levels of care for more coordinated and efficient care
  • Enable safer, more reliable prescribing and medication management
  • Promote legible, complete documentation 

The Right Technology Always Makes a Difference

Our technological tools have been designed and developed from within the addiction treatment community — engineered to work seamlessly and gracefully together.

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When you’re stuck in the cycle of addiction, you can experience hopelessness, isolation, and frustration. Reaching out for help and finding the right addiction treatment program for you is a major first step in your recovery journey. Contact our Malibu, California drug and alcohol rehab and detox center today at (424) 234-2027 to discuss your personalized treatment plan today.

Long term recovery starts today.

Just getting sober and spending 30 days in a treatment facility isn’t enough to ensure lifelong recovery. It takes a strong commitment and support system. Maybe most importantly, it takes a plan.




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Taking the first steps towards treatment can be emotionally and mentally draining. At Malibu Detox, we have designed our admissions process to remove the stress commonly associated with exploring and obtaining treatment. With specialists in virtually every discipline, our staff compassionately guides each new client through the necessary steps to facilitate their healing journey.

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