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Ambien Addiction

Ambien is a powerful prescription drug typically used to treat insomnia. Although Ambien was first marketed as a less addictive alternative to benzodiazepines, Ambien abuse and addiction quickly proved that there is reason to be cautious.

Fortunately, addiction treatment for Ambien addiction is a highly effective way for people to break free from substance use disorders. At Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center, we use several evidence-based tools to help people overcome their substance use disorders and achieve lasting recovery.

What Is Ambien?

Ambien belongs to a drug class known as sedative-hypnotics. These drugs depress the body’s central nervous system, slowing automatic and life-preserving bodily functions, such as breathing and heart rate. While this can help to treat insomnia in the short term, just a few weeks of using Ambien consistently can lead to an Ambien addiction.

People often turn to Ambien abuse as a way of attempting to treat pervasive insomnia. Ambien typically works quite well the first few times a person takes it. But as Ambien addictions begin, people develop tolerance to the drug.

When people use Ambien over long periods, their sleep difficulties can get worse over time. Eventually, they need larger doses in order to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Worse still, when a person suddenly stops taking Ambien, they often experience a rebound effect. A single night without Ambien after taking it for extended periods is often met with an inability to fall asleep, solely as a result of the drug. This can quickly lead to a perpetual cycle of Ambien abuse that gets worse over time.

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Signs of Ambien Addiction

Like other drugs, Ambien addiction affects several aspects of a person’s life. It can produce both physical dependence as well as psychological and social problems. Common signs of Ambien abuse include:

  • Taking larger doses of Ambien than prescribed
  • Intense drug cravings for Ambien
  • Seeking frequent refills for your Ambien prescription
  • Hiding your Ambien use from friends and family
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking Ambien

Ambien dependence and addiction can lead to severe disruptions in people’s everyday lives, causing them to damage personal relationships and put their lives, jobs, and families at risk. Thankfully, Ambien addiction treatment is highly effective at helping people overcome Ambien abuse and achieve recovery.

Ambien Addiction Treatment

Ambien addiction treatment focuses on helping people overcome the physical, psychological, and social consequences of abusing Ambien. Quality treatment extends beyond simply helping people quit taking Ambien; it helps them resolve the issues that led them to begin their Ambien use in the first place.

Levels of Care

Ambien rehab programs typically take place across several levels of care. Each level focuses on a different aspect of Ambien recovery, from treating physical dependence and psychological dependence to teaching people coping skills to help them thrive in their new lives in recovery.

Not everybody needs to attend each level of care to recover from drug addiction. Our team can help you find the right level of care for your needs to help you break away from Ambien addiction.

Medical detox

Medical Detox

Ambien detox is the critical first step in helping people recover from Ambien abuse. Ambien has dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which can be fatal if left untreated by medical professionals.

As such, Ambien detox centers are staffed with a host of medical and addiction specialists who can work to alleviate physical Ambien withdrawal symptoms using prescription drugs. Patients in our Ambien detox receive 24-hour supervision, close medical monitoring, and targeted treatment that can help them stay safe and achieve abstinence in a controlled environment.


Residential Treatment

Residential treatment offers intensive, evidence-based treatment and therapies. People in residential treatment live on-site at our specialized addiction facilities, learning the tools and skills required to maintain their abstinence for years to come.


Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs are a high-intensity form of outpatient treatment. These programs provide all the same therapies as residential treatment, but clients are free to return to their own homes and families at the end of the day.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs are designed to help people get the treatments they need while continuing to live at home and maintain their family responsibilities. Clients in an intensive outpatient program attend treatment several days a week for a few hours at a time.


Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient programs are designed to fit around the roles and responsibilities of everyday life. People attending outpatient treatment visit our facility a few days a week for a few hours at a time. This means that they can continue working, going to school, or keeping up with their obligations outside of treatment.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Program

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs provide long-lasting support for people who have graduated from substance use disorder treatment. It keeps people connected to vital services that support their recoveries, such as alumni groups, therapy, and medication-assisted treatment.

Therapies Offered for Ambien Treatment

The substance abuse treatments offered in our Ambien rehab program focus on building holistic health. They aim to treat not just the side effects of drug abuse but also the mental health challenges that hold people back from living better lives.

However, not every treatment will work for everyone, so our treatment provider team offers a host of therapies to help people who abuse Ambien recover.

This includes quality, evidence-based therapies, such as:

The substance abuse treatment at Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center focuses on personalized care for each individual. This includes addressing underlying mental health concerns, helping people heal from the damage caused by their substance use, and teaching people the skills they need to flourish in recovery.

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Start Treatment Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with Ambien addiction, there is hope. Recovery can seem like an impossible task, but we know that anyone can overcome substance use disorders with help from trained addiction professionals.

If you’re seeking addiction treatment, reach out to our team by filling out our confidential online contact form. Our team will be there to help you every step of the way in your recovery journey.

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