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Your Experience

Personalized Treatment for a Transformative Experience

While every treatment plan is customized to meet your individual needs, we use a Phase System to guide your recovery process. This ensures that each client receives the depth of treatment that our experience has shown can help ensure a long-lasting recovery.

What Will The Experience Really Be Like?

What to Expect When You Arrive

From the moment you arrive for treatment at Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center, our goal is for you to feel that you’re entering a safe, friendly, and transformative place.

Begin Your Transformative Experience

Here is what to expect on your first day:

Airport Pickup

We want you to feel at home, starting when you’re picked up from the airport. Instead of sending an impersonal Uber or taxi to pick you up, a member of our staff will meet you at the terminal.

Arrival at the Center

When you arrive at the Center, you’ll receive a warm greeting from our staff, helping you form an instant connection of trust and mutual respect. You’ll get a tour of the facility and we’ll provide you with a welcome package, complete with a notebook, pens, lotions, creams, chapstick, and more, before you get settled in.

Getting Settled

You’ll then meet with one of our intake officers, who will help you get oriented. One of our staff nurses will conduct a medication review, review your medical history and discuss any immediate needs you may have. Depending on how you are feeling on day one, you will be welcome to participate in informal group sessions.

First-Rate Facilities

We have everything you need to feel settled here. From fluffy towels and blankets in your room to TV (including Apple TV), and movies, as well as a gourmet chef that can accommodate all dietary restrictions. Our friendly team will always be on-hand should you have any questions or requests. We do our best to accommodate you.

Reset, Restore, and Recover at Malibu Detox & Residential

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Phase One: Evaluation & Stabilization

Medically Supervised Detoxification

At Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center, we understand that the first seven to 10 days are a fragile, high-risk time for our patients. Learn about our medically supervised detoxification.

Full Support During Your Detox

Here is what to expect during the first seven to 10 days at our Center:

Close Medical Supervision

Each day you will meet with a physician, who will assess your withdrawal symptoms and identify any complicating medical factors. We have a full medical team that will be on-hand to support you in this difficult initial period. Our medical director, Dr. Benya, specializes in addiction medicine. Our registered nurse oversees a team of experienced nursing staff, providing 24/7 care. This includes an initial assessment and daily monitoring. Your vitals will be monitored every 15 minutes.

Clinically-Focused Detox

The clinical component of your detox will include a full evaluation (in addition to your pre-evaluation). We have a psychiatrist on-staff and a psychologist on staff who will carry out an assessment. Any mood disorders, anxiety, disorders, or PTSD will be treated by our team on-site. Both group and individual therapy is available. Throughout your stay, housekeeping will be available seven days a week.

Thorough MAT Services

Our medication-assisted treatment services will allow you to improve in safety and comfort, in an environment that you can trust. We operate a very low client to staff ratio, ensuring quality and personalized service, specific to each client. With a dietician, nutritionist, and gourmet chef on staff, you will have access to the finest services as you commence and continue your recovery.

Reset, Restore, and Recover at Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center

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Phase Two: Residential Treatment

Continued Medical Support

Following your initial detox period, we will continue to provide 24/7 nursing care. You will meet with our medical doctor and psychologist at least once per week to assess your progress and discuss any issues you may have. You will collaborate with our clinical staff to design a treatment plan that fits your individual needs. At this stage, our longer-term clients will begin to ‘mentor’ newer clients in a buddy system that clients find effective and supportive. 

Group & Individual Therapy Programs

Group and process group therapy sessions will be available to clients based on their different needs, e.g. gender-specific, LGBTQ, race-affirmative, and trauma. One to two individual therapy sessions will also be organized per week. We always take an evidence-based approach to our therapy programs, helping to understand the causes of your addiction. 

Speciality Groups Available

Our specialty groups include conflict resolution, grief and loss, psychoeducation, neurobiological, and coping skills (emotional regulation). We also regularly offer sessions on mindfulness/meditation, yoga and yogic breathing, as well as fitness for recovery. Finally, we understand how important fun is to the recovery process so we provide regular experiential therapy such as nature hikes and trips to the beach.

Everything You Need For Recovery

We provide a well-rounded approach to recovery. As well as medication support, group and individual therapy, and our wide range of specialist groups, we offer the following services: aftercare planning, family education, and creative expression (creative writing, art therapy, talent shows, music therapy). We also provide spiritual and religious support; we have a non-denominational spiritual advisor who regularly meets with clients at our center.

Reset, Restore, and Recover at Malibu Detox & Residential

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Phase Three: Outpatient Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Outpatient Program

At Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center, we will support you as your condition improves and you plan ongoing support after you leave our Center.

Planning for a Bright Future

Our team will continue to support you as you prepare to leave our center.

More Freedom to Heal

As your stay at our center progresses, you will be afforded more autonomy while continuing to benefit from our structured environment. Daily group therapy will continue (with access to different groups as required), as will your individual therapy sessions. You will be able to participate in fun group events like movie nights under the stars, at our picturesque mountainside location.

Smart Planning

As your recovery progresses, together with our team you will begin planning for your post-treatment phase. We will help with job searching and exit planning. We will help to match you with local sober living homes and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) to support you in continuing your recovery once you depart our Center.

Long Term Strategies

We always ensure that each client has a proper post-treatment plan in place for when they return home. This includes IOP, OP, and additional community support such as Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and others. We understand that, as part of the continuum of treatment, aftercare treatment is an important part of an individual’s overall recovery. Continuing care allows you to build upon your successes at our center and return to leading a full and addiction-free lifestyle. The practices you have commenced at our center, everything from journaling to group and individual therapy sessions, can aid you in your long-term recovery and growth.

Reset, Restore, and Recover at Malibu Detox & Residential

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Phase Four: Post-Treatment

As your stay at Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center comes to an end, you will establish the necessary foundational practices to continue living a healthy, alcohol and drug-free lifestyle.

Launching Your New Future

Together we will ensure that you stay on the right track.

Important Foundational Practices

You will continue with your usual daily practices as your stay comes to an end, such as meditation, processing, and journaling. As you transition from treatment to returning home, we will help you to establish a number of foundational practices.

These include going to meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous), establishing healthy connections that benefit your ongoing recovery, understanding the value of time management in your daily life, finding a healthy work/life balance, embracing your spirituality, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Connect With Our Alumni Network

We advocate the importance of structure, support, accountability, and containment as you continue your recovery outside of our Center. A key part of this is to connect with our active Alumni network. The long-term goal of being an alumnus is to foster long-term friendships, attend group events, and give back to your community

Our Helping Hands Project matches discharging clients with other local alumni. Our online Alumni Portal will allow past clients to connect with each other, share stories and resources, and support each other on their respective recovery journeys. 

At Malibu Detox & Residential Treatment Center, we understand that full recovery does not occur overnight. It takes time and patience to overcome the challenges you have faced. Our on-site services and support, coupled with our focus on continued treatment, will allow you to overcome your addiction and return to a normal, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Reset, Restore, and Recover at Malibu Detox & Residential

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When you’re stuck in the cycle of addiction, you can experience hopelessness, isolation, and frustration. Reaching out for help and finding the right program for you is a major first step in your recovery journey. Whether you need detox, residential treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs, outpatient treatment, or treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, we can help. All drug rehab programs at our treatment centers include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy/family counseling, support groups, mental health services, and more.

Contact our Malibu, California, drug, and alcohol rehab and detox center today at (424) 234-2027 to discuss your personalized addiction treatment plan. We accept most major and private insurance plans and will work with you to navigate your coverage to minimize out-of-pocket expenses. Our admissions staff looks forward to speaking with you.

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