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Can You Visit Someone in Rehab

A common question asked by family members when a loved one is receiving addiction treatment at a drug rehab facility is, can they visit? The exact answer depends on the specific rehab facility and its specific visitation rules. However, in many cases, family members and loved ones can visit after a specific amount of time. 

Things To Consider When Visiting Someone During Addiction Rehab

There is Usually a Time Period of No Visitors

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to visiting someone during their addiction treatment. First, the initial phase of their rehab program will most likely entail a period of no visitors, often for at least 10 days or longer. This enables the individual to focus solely on detoxing from drugs or alcohol, getting their mind to a healthy place, and helping them engage in supportive therapies involved in treatment (including individual therapy, art therapy, and many others).

Adhere to the Rehab Visitation Rules

Second, if and when family visits are permitted, make sure to review and follow the specific guidelines set in place by the rehab facility. These facility rules often limit the number of visitors, the duration of visits, the specific visitation periods, and the items that can be brought into the facility. The purpose of these guidelines isn’t to restrict your connection with a loved one, but rather to continue providing a supportive environment for them during the family visit that enables their healing.

Consider Family Therapy

Many visits to addiction treatment facilities are in the form of family therapy. This type of group therapy plays a key role in addiction treatment programs, as it allows the individual to maintain connections with their family members while also providing the opportunity to better understand the nature of the substance abuse. These guided sessions can also help each family member learn healthy coping skills and help the family work through various conflicts.

Visits Aren’t Always Best

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that visiting family members in rehab isn’t always the best choice for you or your loved one. Before visiting, consider reflecting on your own boundaries and what is the healthiest way for you to show your support while maintaining those boundaries. After all, emotional support can look many different ways than just in-person visits (for example, you can call them once a month to check in).

Visiting a loved one in a treatment facility can be challenging – especially in the early stages of their recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. But it can also provide a level of support and reassurance to them that makes a significant impact on their recovery journey.

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