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Jennifer Ray
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Jennifer Ray
Director of Admissions

Jennifer Ray joined the Malibu Detox team in September 2021, bringing her dedication and compassion to the position of Director of Admissions. In her current position, Jennifer ensures a seamless admissions process for potential clients. Her responsibilities include verifying medical clearance and medical necessity for treatment, collaborating with the clinical team, and engaging with clients’ families to address all their needs.

Jennifer’s professional journey before joining Malibu included roles in the banking industry, where she focused on customer service and administrative tasks. She also worked in the corporate travel industry, contributing to office management and leadership roles.

Jennifer joined the behavioral health field due to a deep-seated passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. Her mission is to ensure that no one she encounters is left feeling unmotivated or without hope, guiding them toward a path of recovery.

The most rewarding aspect of Jennifer’s work lies in witnessing the success stories of patients who complete their treatment at Malibu Detox and join the alumni network. She takes pride in sharing in the joy of clients’ recovery journeys and appreciates hearing from family members or loved ones about the positive impact on the entire family.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Jennifer centers her life around recovery. Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her son, hitting the gym, and building connections with friends in recovery and her family.

Jennifer’s commitment to recovery extends beyond her professional life, with hobbies and activities that reinforce her dedication to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. As she continues her journey at Malibu Detox, Jennifer remains focused on making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

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