5 Telltale Signs That You Need to Go to Rehab

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 21.6 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol use problem, but only 2.3 million received treatment at a specialty substance abuse facility.

If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, substance abuse treatment, or rehab, is a vital step towards freedom.

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment can be effective in halting the destructive cycle of addiction and helping addicts to regain control of their lives and their futures.

Wondering if you should go to rehab?

We’re here to help!

Read on for 7 sure signs that you should seek professional help for your drug or alcohol addiction today!

How Do You Know if You Should Go to Rehab?

Sometimes, addicts spend years wondering if rehab is the right route for them to take. Unfortunately, the cost of delaying this decision doesn’t come cheap. For many people, entering drug and alcohol addiction treatment proves to be a lifeline.

The sooner you recognize that you have a drug or alcohol problem, and the sooner you seek professional help in conquering it, the better your chances are at recovery.

While it often takes addicts more than one try at getting clean before they are completely successful, treatment for addiction should never be counted as a loss.

Even if you have tried before without much success, your chances of getting, and staying, sober, improve with addiction treatment.

But, how can you tell that you need rehab for your drug or alcohol problem?

Here are 7 signs that should point you towards the door of professional substance abuse treatment!

1. You Wake Up Thinking About Your Addiction

If the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning is drugs or alcohol, this can be a big indicator that you need help.

Whether you’re half-dreaming about your last binger, or whether you’re already scheming about how to get your hands on your drug of choice, you wake to thoughts surrounding dangerous or illicit substances, then you could be headed for real trouble.

It isn’t uncommon for addicts to prioritize their addiction above all else each and every day. But, it’s important to note that those who don’t share these addictive habits will rarely consider drugs or alcohol in their waking moments.

2. You’ve Begun Avoiding Friends and Family to Get Drunk or High

Once upon a time, your friends and family held first place in your life. You would have rather spent time with those you love the most than to do anything else.

But, suddenly, hanging out with your lifelong pals or spending an afternoon catching up with the fam has lost its appeal.

Worse still, is what has taken the place of your long-lost favored pastimes.

Instead of chatting with your sis, or shopping with your bestie, your cuddling up to the bottle. Or, rather than shoot hoops with your boys Whycatching a matinee with your pops, you’re looking to score your next fix.

When drugs or alcohol take priority over the people that once maintained utmost importance in your life, heed the sign. This usually means that it’s time for you to separate from your new addiction, and seek treatment, instead.

3. You’re Skipping Work to Get Wasted

Sure, you used to pride yourself on your stellar job performance.

There was a day that you thanked your lucky stars for the position you now hold.

But, today, you would rather get drunk or high than to clock in at the office.

If you find yourself calling in sick to nurse last night’s hangover more and more, or to get a jumpstart on getting wasted, now is the time to worry.

4. You’ve Lost Interest in the Things That Used to Interest You Most

Maybe you used to love going to the theatre, or perhaps, you couldn’t wait to hit the green for a chance to improve your golf swing. But, that was then.

Today, you don’t even care if you brush your hair.

Now, those things that once seemed exciting, aren’t quite as intriguing anymore. In fact, nothing seems to hold your attention like drugs or alcohol.

The only things you’re interested in these days, are the things that you wish you weren’t.

5. You Wonder: Why Does Everyone Seem So Worried About Me?

All of sudden, it seems like everyone’s focus is on you. From your mother to your boyfriend, they all say the same thing: they’re worried about you.

But, why?

Chances are that you have a pretty good inkling as to why they might be worried. And, believe it or not, so do they.

That person they once knew has disappeared. And, you’ve taken their place.

At the end of the day, maybe you’re worried about yourself a little, too (after all, why would you be reading this article, if you weren’t?).

Stop worrying.

Make today the day you do something about it.

If you’ve been thinking of getting help, but haven’t taken that next step to do so. The buck stops here. Get the help you need, so they can stop worrying, and you can get on with your life.

Get Help for Your Addiction Today!

If you’re one of the people reading this list who’s thinking, “that’s me! that’s me! that sounds just like me!”, then don’t waste another day.

Stop wondering if you should go to rehab.

Every day that’s wasted on wondering, could be one more day that you’re free from addiction.

We get it. And, we’re here to help.

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