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Data Driven Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center leads the nation in offering the most advanced, forward-thinking recovery technology available. We believe that by incorporating innovative technology throughout the continuum of care, we enable truly individualized, innovative care that ultimately results in better outcomes.

"Using Pretaa during my time in treatment gave me a sense of understanding into myself and my recovery. Beyond grateful for this technology & the team at Malibu Detox!"
Joy C
- Joy C.
Pretaa Technology

Introducing Pretaa Technology

Malibu Detox has always been dedicated to providing the best and most innovative techniques for helping people recover from substance use disorders. Pretaa, a mobile health tracking service, is just one more way that we can bring targeted relief to our patients. Pretaa is a smartwatch application that uses health biometrics and data analysis to track your well-being throughout your treatment stay.  Each client at Malibu Detox is given a Fitbit tracking device upon admission, which can track several key health indicators that provide valuable insight to both you and our team of physicians and clinicians.

How a Health Tracking Device Can Enhance Recovery

Data drives results. In order to make progress in your physical and mental health, you need to be able to track several indicators of success simultaneously. While addiction treatment has always focused on several metrics of recovery, a physical health tracker adds a depth of insight never before seen in substance use treatment.

The tools in Pretaa can provide several insights into your recovery that can help you to identify problem areas, work through challenges, and assist you when you need it most. Pretaa uses innovative algorithms to determine when people are experiencing distress and provides useful tools to help people deal with difficult situations.

The data gathered from a smartwatch can inform your decisions – and your treatment team’s – in several ways, depending on the specific information gathered from your watch.

Key Pretaa Features

Pretaa goes above and beyond the normal function of a fitness tracker, using targeted methods to help people recover from substance use disorders.



Geofencing is a term for using GPS to determine whether people have entered certain areas. In substance use treatment, this tool can be used to indicate if a person has entered a place that they consider high risk for relapse.

Upon entering treatment, clients are asked questions such as where they used to go to purchase drugs or certain places that cause them to feel triggered. These are programmed into the smartwatch for geofencing purposes.

If a person enters one of these areas, a counselor or case manager is notified and calls to offer help. This simple action can help prevent unwanted relapse and keep people accountable for their recovery.


Health Biometrics

A Pretaa device tracks several different health biometrics, including:

  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Skin temperature
  • Heart rate variability

These biometrics can be used to indicate when a person is feeling stressed, anxious, or unsafe in their recovery, which prompts Pretaa to launch into action.

For instance, if Pretaa detects an elevated heart rate without the presence of extra steps to indicate exercise, it might indicate that a person is experiencing an anxiety attack. The Pretaa app launches into action, asking if a person needs to talk to a counselor or their case manager.


Monitoring Stress Levels

Smartwatch technology has several tools to assess a person’s current levels of stress, including skin temperature, respiration, heart rate variability, and even electrodermal activity. This technology can help track your stress levels over time.

Pretaa takes this tracking a step further and can offer tools and exercise for people in stressful situations. It can lead you through breathing exercises when you are feeling particularly stressed and offers the chance to get in contact with a treatment professional.


Defusing High-Risk Situations

In addition to the host of automatic tools provided by your biometrics, the Pretaa app offers surveys and diagnostic tools to help people maintain their sobriety. For instance, it can ask at regularly scheduled intervals about how confident you’re feeling in your sobriety and helps you get in contact with your treatment provider when you’re struggling.


Fitness Tracking

Since Pretaa is paired with Fitbit wearables, clients have access to the full suite of fitness tracking services available with a Fitbit smartwatch. This can help people stay on top of their physical health, exercise, and nutrition. Exercise can substantially improve outcomes in people with substance use disorder, making this a key benefit.


Start Treatment at Malibu Detox​ & Residential Treatment Center

Treatment-as-usual isn’t a good enough standard for addiction recovery. At Malibu Detox, we constantly strive to bring innovative technologies, therapies, and treatments together to create the best treatment experience possible for long-term health and recovery. We understand how difficult overcoming addiction can seem, but it is possible, and Malibu Detox can help show you the way.

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The Right Technology Always Makes a Difference

Our technological tools have been designed and developed from within the addiction treatment community — engineered to work seamlessly and gracefully together.

Pretaa exists so you can understand the positive or negative changes occurring with your recovery. Unique biometric data is invaluable to behavioral health and addiction treatment by offering previously unseen insights into your wellness.

Any information collected by the Pretaa application is only shared with your consent. You may share health information with your treatment providers, counselors, and case managers. Pretaa may collect information to improve the application, but we take patient confidentiality very seriously.

Before beginning with Pretaa, our team will walk you through the information collected, how it’s shared and address any privacy concerns you have about wearing a device with Pretaa installed.

Pretaa is a software application installed on a Fitbit smartwatch. It uses the sensors built into these wearable devices to collect information on heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature, and location.

While we encourage those who attend Malibu Detox to use the Pretaa application throughout treatment, it is entirely optional.

The device used for Pretaa has all the same capabilities as a Fitbit tracker. This means you have full access to exercise tracking, sleep metrics, and smartwatch features as found on a Fitbit device. Fitbit Premium services are included.

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