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How to Choose the Right Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Did you know that there’s one rehab in Malibu for every 350 of our residents?There’s no denying that a lot of people in the city – and from areas around it – need help battling addiction. If your loved one is suffering and you’re trying to get them help, there are a lot of trained professionals here to help. But, with so many options available, finding the right drug rehabilitation programs for the person you’re looking out for can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve put together our tips for finding rehabilitation programs for your loved one so that they can recover and begin their life again.

How Do I Choose the Right Drug Rehabilitation Programs?

If someone you love is going to rehab, picking the right treatment options for them is essential. The first step in your plan should be to research (so you’re off to a good start!). Make sure you know the different types of rehab setups, such as inpatient and outpatient treatment, and the programs on offer.

Once you’re a little more educated, it’s a good idea to look into the treatments available; see what they offer, the methods they use, and the reviews they have. If you can, bring your loved one into this part of the process, but only if they’re willing. Remember, too, that you’re the one in the right state of mind at the moment so take control of the situation.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of treatment for addiction your loved one could receive.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

When choosing a drug rehab, you have two initial options; inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient rehabs are those that your loved one will move into for a period of time. They’re an immersive treatment experience with patients living on-site for 24-hours a day and with around the clock support from professionals.

By living on-site, your loved one will be able to completely focus on recovery without the stresses of everyday life. Their responsibilities are removed and they’re in a supportive, caring environment, surrounded by people who are focused on their care. This intense treatment is sometimes exactly what a person needs to break the cycle and start again.

Another advantage of inpatient rehab is that it’s a completely drug-free space. There’s no chance of your loved one slipping up, because they simply can’t! By removing the problem, the chances of recovery are instantly higher.

At Malibu Detox, we’ve picked our locations carefully, offering beautiful rehabilitation homes that are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Perched on the Santa Monica mountains, your loved one will be surrounded by nature and peace, helping to create a sense of calm in their life. This is essential for allowing them to work through their addiction safely and comfortably.

Inpatient treatment is designed for people with relatively to severe addictions or issues around addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

When choosing a drug rehab, your other option is outpatient treatment. This is when patients don’t live on-site but stay at their home, or perhaps even yours. They’ll attend the rehab programs several days a week, but it won’t be an all-consuming experience.

Outpatient treatment is brilliant for loved ones who have a less severe addiction and responsibilities they can’t give up, live children or a career. It’s also an option if you’re on a budget so that your loved one can access the same programs but without the living-in expenses.

While this is a great option for some, remember that your loved one will have access to drugs and the issues that they’re struggling with will still be there. Certain factors that can trigger a relapse, like stress, aren’t entirely removed which can put your loved one at more of a risk. For outpatient treatment, they have to be entirely devoted to recovery.

Look at the Different Treatments Available

Every rehab offers a slightly different rehabilitation program. When looking at the treatments available, you need to make sure the program is suitable for your loved one and looks as though it will really help them on their journey to recovery. Here are some great treatments you should look out for.


The detox is the first step in rehab, and it’s when your loved one will stop taking the drug(s) they’re addicted to. This program is essential and it should be done with medication and professional help, reducing the chances of a relapse.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is one of the best therapies available for addiction sufferers. This will help them navigate their addiction and find coping mechanisms that work just for them, helping them to rewire their mindset and think more positively. At Malibu Detox, we also use a set reading list alongside CBT to help your loved one enter a more positive, proactive mindset that’ll be there to support them when they leave.

Group Therapy

Many addicts find support and comfort in group therapy, and they learn to trust those around them and know that asking for help is okay. Group therapy can be with others in the treatment center and/or with family and close friends.

Tailored Treatments

It’s vital that the program your loved one receives is tailored for them. Not every treatment is right for every patient, so their experience must be individualized to ensure their recovery, just as we do at Malibu Detox.

Find the Right Rehab

If you’re looking for a rehab for a loved one, Malibu Detox is a wonderful facility with experienced, professional staff. Our rehab residencies are gorgeous and comfortable, providing a safe setting for your loved one to recover in. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with our team today; we’re always happy to help.

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