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Malibu Treatment Center is nestled in the hills of Malibu, California. With sweeping views of the ocean and surrounding mountains, it makes an ideal place to begin substance abuse treatment. We offer variety of therapies and programs including:

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Our master level therapists will individualize your plan based on what your unique needs are; not on a one-size-fits-all treatment plan.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Working with our qualified mental health counselors, we'll develop a structured curriculum of sessions to help you become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking, helping you change your perspective on challenging situations and respond to them in a more effective, positive way.

Group & Family Therapy

You’ll connect and collaborate with peers in recovery. Together, you’ll share, listen, and work as a group to solve common issues. In the process, you’ll strengthen your recovery network, which will be necessary for life after treatment.

Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment Programs involve qualified specialists who understand the needs of those who are struggling with addiction or mental illness. We provide a healing, supportive, and encouraging environment for recovery 24 hours a day, and guide you back towards sobriety and health.

Medically Managed Detox

Our industry renowned practitioners will outline a detox protocol, including state of the art medications and methods, to help alleviate the pain and symptoms of physically separating your body from the addiction(s) you admit with.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A dual diagnosis treatment uses various strategies and techniques to address mental health alongside addiction. People in this scenario require different treatment options and techniques to help them prevent relapse in the future.

Addiction Therapy Services

We offer comprehensive, individualized addiction therapy services to help people achieve sobriety. The goal is to meet individuals where they are in recovery so that they can leave addiction in the past and live productive lives.

Individual Therapy

Establish a trusting relationship with one of our qualified therapists, and in a one-on-one environment, you’ll work together to discover the underlying causes of your addiction.

Mental Health & Eating Disorders

We understand the unique and complicated circumstances surrounding eating disorders and mental health conditions. Our individualized treatment programs will help you discover the core of your disorder and create a plan for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


While attending any of our programs, we have a specific curriculum of reading that is required for program completion.



Taking the first steps towards treatment can be emotionally and mentally draining. At Malibu Detox, we have designed our admissions process to remove the stress commonly associated with exploring and obtaining treatment. With specialists in virtually every discipline, our staff compassionately guides each new client through the necessary steps to facilitate their healing journey.

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